Heat and Cold Therapy

We do not use a lot of Thermal Therapies during your treatment session but we will certainly advise you if Heat or Ice will help you in your injury recovery or pain management.

Clients often ask which is best – Ice or Heat?

As a general rule:

  • Apply Ice if there is sharp pain, it is an acute injury, there is swelling present
  • Apply Heat if there is dull pain, it is a chronic injury and there is no swelling present

If you have injured yourself then it is best to follow the R.I.C.E.R method (pictured). Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Referral (see a health professional). Follow this with the H.A.R.M method to avoid further inflammation.

If we choose to use Thermal therapies it will be for a specific benefit

Ice Application –

  • Can reduce swelling pre and post treatment
  • Can provide pain relief to an acute injury

Can assist in reducing the extent of bruising

Your therapist may use ice packs, ice gels or cold sprays during your treatment or       will advise use of gels/packs for home care



Heat Application –

  • Can assist in heating the tissues pre and post treatment
  • Increase localise blood flow to assist recovery
  • Can provide pain relief to a chronic injury/condition
  • Produce a relaxing effect on the body
  • Heat packs may be used in treatment or advised for home care


Kylie Bult nee Hessels

Senior Therapist and Proprietor
Grad.Dip.Ap.Sc.Myotherapy, P.Grad.Dip.Exercise Physiology, P.Grad.Dip.Clinical Nutrition, Cert.Paediatric Nutrition, Cert.Infant Massage
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Kylie Bult is Eastwood Myotherapy’s Senior Therapist and Proprietor. Established in 1999, Eastwood Myotherapy is a company which has built a sound reputation and Kylie is proud of nearly 23 years in Myotherapy practice.

Kylie is passionate about helping clients to return to optimal health and function through a variety of tailored treatment techniques. Kylie provides a thorough diagnosis of your injury or condition and an effective treatment plan to help you achieve your outcomes as soon as possible.

Kylie strongly believes that you must look after your body – as you only get one – and make the most of it. Kylie has particular interest in working with challenging conditions, unusual or involved injuries, pre and post natal women and children.

When she’s not working, Kylie enjoys spending time with her busy kids and family, going on long drives to explore the country, swimming and music.


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