A question I’m regularly asked is “where does Myotherapy fit in the allied health care system with other major care professions?”

My response encompasses The Four O’s: Myo, Physio, Osteo and Chiro, and while I am a Clinical Myotherapist, I have had extensive experience working alongside other care providers and am making general comments on the therapies. Many providers may overlap, or conversely, be completely distinct. Ultimately, it depends on the practitioners themselves.

The Four O’s

Myo, Physio, Osteo and Chiro all have the same end game, that is providing relief from pain and dysfunction. While parts of each therapy will overlap others, they all have their own areas of expertise.


Myotherapy (Myo) specialises in soft tissue health and how dysfunction in the soft tissue will create or exacerbate pain and dysfunction in the body. This therapy also tends to be a more hands on approach with treatment.


Physiotherapy (Physio) also deals with soft tissue imbalance and how that will impact pain and dysfunction. Although quite similar to Myotherapists, Physiotherapists tend to take a different approach to treatment and are experts in rehabilitative health and getting the client onto home programs to help treat the imbalance.


Osteopathy (Osteo) also deals in soft tissue health but pay more heed to the impact of imbalance in the skeletal system. Osteos deal in joint health and taking a more holistic approach to health.


Chiropractic (Chiro) specialises in spinal and pelvic balance and the impact of the neural system on health and balance to the body. While there are two (and counting…) schools of thought on Chiro (Applied Kinesiology and Manual Adjustment) it is a very effective and beneficial mode of treatment, especially when coupled with the effective treatment of Myotherapy, as one will treat muscle soft tissue and the other maintains skeletal and neural health.

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