Get your core Summer-ready with Eastwood Myotherapy’s Strengthen and Stretch classes

Core strength is so important. There’s a reason you hear about your need for a strong core what seems like a thousand times a day;  we need core strength in, almost literally, everything we do.

Having good core strength helps with so many conditions

Good core strength can help with everything from back and balance problems, to sports performance and even daily jobs such as gardening and house work. No, that doesn’t mean if you don’t have good core strength you get out of housework but it means you also run the risk of doing yourself an injury that could have otherwise been avoided.

With good core strength your lifting capabilities increase, your posture improves and your spine becomes more flexible, allowing you greater range of movement and, in many cases, reduced pain.

Learn core strengthening techniques to minimise injury.

Eastwood Myotherapy’s Strengthen and Stretch Classes have been created to focus on this one, very important, area of our bodies. Some would say this class is potentially doing our myotherapists out of their jobs, as by learning these techniques and skills, participants reduce the likelihood of injuring themselves and needing rehabilitative treatment!

What is it?

A 45 minute Strength and Stretch Class, led by the extremely capable Nicole Anderson, Myotherapist Extraordinaire.

Strengthen and Stretch is designed to teach a series of simple exercises that can strengthen core muscles in a relaxed and supervised environment.  Small groups allow participants to ask questions of the exercises and techniques at any time and also allows Nicole to adjust exercises to the ability of each member including taking injuries into account.

The exercises combine standing, floor-based and fit ball techniques.  If anyone has trouble getting up and down off the floor, these exercises are limited or alternative exercises are offered.

When is it?

Every Thursday from 6pm. Book your next class during your next Myotherapy treatment or call the clinic on 9762 2226 to secure your spot.

How much is it?

Classes are $15 per session and some private health insurance providers may subsidise.

Who can attend?

Anyone from teens to seniors are welcome to attend, including pregnant women.  Each of the classes exercises will be tailored to your physical abilities and any underlying injuries or medical issues.

Regular attendance gives people an opportunity to be consistent with continuing the exercises at least once a week, with many of the exercises simple enough to do at home on other days.

“I love working with people to help improve life and minimise injury.  It’s important to be healthy, strong, and pain free.  If you are pregnant or have any special needs or injuries, try to let me know before the class so I can prepare something to suit you.”

Nicole Anderson, Supervising Myotherapist