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<h4>Kylie Bult nee Hessels</h4><span>Myotherapist, Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist</span><p>Kylie, Senior Myotherapist, has enjoyed 15 years of the challenge of running a business. She is passionate about helping clients to return to optimal health and function through a variety of treatment techniques. Kylie strongly believes that you have to look after your body as you only get one, so make the most of it. Kylie has particular interest in working with challenging conditions, unusual or involved injuries, pre & post natal and treating kids. She prides herself on a quick diagnosis of your injury/condition and giving you an effective treatment plan. When she is not at the workplace, Kylie enjoys her other challenge of raising a very busy toddler.</p>

Kylie Bult nee Hessels
Myotherapist, Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist

<h4>Dr Graham Rock</h4><span>Chiropractor</span><p>Dr Graham is a passionate Chiropractor who specialises in repairing and rebuilding your body so that you are able to achieve everything you want in life. He will individually tailor a gentle, safe and scientifically-based chiropractic plan to help you not just get pain free, but to unleash the amazing potential of your body. Dr Graham’s patients are among the healthiest in the community and they range from newborn babies to elite athletes and everything in between. Dr Graham enjoys spending time outdoors keeping fit and will often tackle a ride up Mt Dandenong when not at the gym.<p>

Dr Graham Rock

<h4>Meghan Stephens</h4><span>Clinical Myotherapist</span><p>Meghan is a qualified Clinical Myotherapist who has a passion for all things AFL. Captain of the Senior womens Chirnside Park Panthers and avid Cats supporter, Meghan enjoys a challenge. In the off season she strives to achieve a higher level in Mauy Thai kickboxing. Meghan has a genuine interest in her clients and strives to achieve results via thorough treatment to return you to optimal health in a minimum time. Meghan has a particular interest in Sporting injuries, but also has much success with conditions of the head, neck and shoulders. Meghan looks forward to helping you with your injury/concern.</p>

Meghan Stephens
Clinical Myotherapist

<h4>Nicole Anderson</h4><span>Myotherapist</span><p>Nicole is a qualified Myotherapist who is very passionate about the human body and how the muscles work and in turn affect our lives. She enjoys treating problems such as headache, knee pain and chronic disorders (such as multiple sclerosis). Nicole prides herself in looking after the needs of her client and enjoys the reward of seeing how her treatments can improve the quality of life for each client. Nicoles gentle nature is perfectly matched to many types of client, from babies and children, to people with chronic pain, to the elderly. When not at work, Nicole enjoys spending time with her young family and donating her time to various community groups.<p>

Nicole Anderson

Elise Armstrong

<h4>Louise Sutton</h4><span>Myotherapist</span><p>Louise is an enthusiastic and newly graduated Myotherapist who loves to learn about the human body in order to improve mobility and function. She is keen to diagnose and treat your condition utilising her sound knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems along with her hands on skills to effectively reach your therapy goals. When not at work Louise enjoys cooking at home, travelling, hiking, kayaking & exploring new adventures.</p>

Louise Sutton

<h4>Joanne Spriggs</h4><span>Myotherapist</span><p><p>Joanne Spriggs joined the MyoConnect team in 2011, after having completed her Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy in 2005 at RMIT University. In 2009 Joanne commenced work as a teacher within the Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice programs at RMIT University. This enabled Joanne to combine her two passions of, treating patients and teaching students. During her career as a Myotherapist, Joanne has been privileged to have worked with other allied health practitioners, soft tissue therapists and a variety of patients with varying conditions and complaints. In 2007 and then again in 2010 Joanne took some time off work to give birth to her two gorgeous girls, Grace and Piper. These days Joanne aims to balance life as a busy Mum, Myotherapist and teacher with her other passions of yoga and walking. As a Myotherapist Joanne’s philosophy on treating is very simple, empower your patients through knowledge and always smile!</p>

Joanne Spriggs

<h4>Carina Stewart</h4><span>Hypnotherapist</span><p>Carina Stewart is a fully qualified hypnotherapist. She studied at the Academy of hypnotic science (the ONLY Victorian-based provider of fully accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training). Carina is a member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association of Australia. Hypnotherapy is best described as a guided daydream and is very safe and effective. During hypnosis, the therapist helps the patient to enter a deep state of relaxation. During this relaxed state, therapeutic goals can be undertaken, such as treating phobias, exploring emotions, and altering bad thought patterns. In order for permanent change to occur we must be motivated to change at a deep subconscious level and this is why hypnotherapy is so powerful in assisting us to make the changes we desire.<p>

Carina Stewart