Dr Stephanie Fernandes, C...

Meet Dr Stephanie Fernandes, Chiropractor

Dr Stephanie Fernandes, Chiropractor

Dr Stephanie is very passionate about the human body and minds’ capability to heal and improve itself with alternative health care and Chiropractic. She works on improving your body’s posture and biomechanics, which can relieve several aches, pains and dysfunction. Dr Stephanie also believes all stresses must be managed well, as stress can have a huge effect on your overall health.

Dr Stephanie utilises the Advanced Bio-Structural Technique (ABCTM) which is a hands on manual adjustment protocol. This technique focuses on correcting Anterior Vertebral Syndrome (AVS), which is a shift in bones forward, causing dysfunction and possibly resulting in “secondary conditions” like, headaches, neck, back, leg aches and sore and tight muscles.

Dr Stephanie will listen to you and provide you with the help you want. Your care will be specifically tailored to what you require.